Chet Faker Teams Up With BANKS


It seems my prayers have been answered today with the brand new collaboration between L.A. native BANKS and the Aussie Chet Faker. The track is a rework of Chet’s previously released song “1998”. This time around BANKS takes the reigns by oozing emotion over the Chet Faker produced beat. Maybe they’ll even release a collaborative original soon…

By Aaron Elijah Rogers

Shakey Graves Is Rising Smooth and Steady

If you have yet to tune into the killer Blues-Folk coming out of Austin based Shakey Graves’ corner, you are truly missing out on a sonic goldmine. Shakey released his LP “And The War Came” in 2014 and has been on a steep incline to folky stardom ever since. This summer alone Shakey Graves is set to perform at elite festivals such as Osheaga, Lollapalooza, and Newport Folk. With his single “Dearly Departed” featuring Esmé Patterson seeing massive radio play, Shakey Graves is ascending to a level of folk fame similar to that of Hozier and Mumford and Sons.


Not only is Shakey a surreal song writer, he is also one of music’s most energetic performers. After witnessing his legendary Bonnaroo performance in mid-June, I am counting down the days until his return to Colorado. You can catch Shakey Graves three times in the coming months. He will hit Red Rocks on August 29th with Trampled By Turtles and the Ogden Theatre in Denver on October 23rd and 24th. Be sure not to miss him!

By Ari Kononov 

Denver Duo Sunboy Has A Hit On Their Hands

avatars-000096964033-jxmhfp-t500x500 (1) Sunboy has been played avidly around the Program Council office over the last year or so. The Denver based duo even placed in CU’s last Battle of the Bands. But to be entirely honest, I was never fully convinced of their potential… until now. “Burnout” is an indie-electronic jam with every element of a song that’s poised to climb the hipster Hype Machine charts. Everything from the lo-fi, grainy vocals brought to you by Jordan Lempe, to the songs quirky guitar melody balanced out by funky drums and synth riffs. Here’s what Sunboy themselves had to say about “Burnout.”

“‘Burnout’ is a groove in gentle waves, punctuated by a song that whispers emotions as soft percussions and gently blazing guitars from a psychedelic breath”‘

By Aaron Elijah Rogers

Misterwives Set to Play a “Secret” Show Tomorrow in Denver


Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone but… THE MISTERWIVES WILL BE PERFORMING A SMALL SET IN DENVER. No seriously. The oh-so amiable Misterwives are slated to play July 10th at 5pm on the Tavern Downtown’s rooftop. The good news is, it’s free. The bad news is because it’s free, seats will likely fill up hours beforehand. Which gives you and your friends all the more reason to hop in the car early and explore beautiful Colorado. Click here for more information.

The Misterwives gained mainstream attention after the release of their debut single “Reflections”. But their seemingly destined fame first began back in 2013, when they were swiftly offered a record deal from Photo Finish Records only a day after the bands first live performance.

By Aaron Elijah Rogers

Royal Blood: The Revivalists of Rock

While simultaneously opening up for the Foo Fighters on their current U.S. tour, Royal Blood are also making their rounds melting faces everywhere they go while playing the summer festival circuit. Out of Brighton, UK and only comprised of two members, Royal Blood have been working their way into the ears of listeners globally. Ben Thatcher (Drums) and Mike Kerr (Guitar, Vocals) released their self titled debut album “Royal Blood” in 2014 and have been touring nonstop ever since.


Now alongside the likes of The Black Keys, Jack White and Arctic Monkeys, Royal Blood are yet another genuine band attempting to revive the formerly cherished genre that is Rock music. Though their live show simply consists of Thatcher and Kerr humbly placed next to each other on stage with their instruments sans any fancy lighting or backdrop, Royal Blood blasts out the loudest headbangers you’ve heard since the 90s.

They’ll be hitting Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater with the Foo Fighters on August 16th and 17th so be sure to grab your tickets! Check out Royal Blood’s single “Figure it Out” below.

By Ari Kononov

Slightly Stoopid Are Headed To Red Rocks


Upon just the first listen it’s quickly apparent that Meanwhile… Back at the Lab is yet another fantastic addition to Slightly Stoopid’s already excellent discography. Recorded in their San Diego recording studio, the albums title and artwork pays tribute to the creative space. Fresh off the release of the brand new album, Slightly Stoopid will be embarking on their ‘Everything is Awesome’ tour in July with The Expendables, Stick Figure and the Dirty Heads, you can catch them at Red Rocks on August 1st!

By Aaron Elijah Rogers

Amy Schumer Talks With Program Council

I’m walking into the extravagant doors of the St. Julien hotel to meet the same women who just had 150 eager fans wait in an hour long line just to say a quick hello. As I open the door of her hotel room I’m immediately greeted by a glimmering smile from the recent full blown A-lister, Amy Schumer. “Hi, I’m Amy” she magnanimously proclaims, “Aaron Rogers, huh? That name must suck.” she continues with a smirk.

Amy&Me“I’m going to sit so you look awkward.”

 Amy is an unapologetically raunchy performer on the big-screen and on stage, but in person her calm, composed demeanor was an unexpected surprise. At times I even forgot I was speaking with the same woman who declares while shaking her butt in the hilarious skit Milk Milk Lemonade, “this is where my poop comes out!” After asking what she does to unwind and escape from her hectic life, she replied by saying that she meditates twice a day and likes to go for a walk or hike whenever she has a chance. A starkly different response from what I expected from the writer/comedian/actress who described her self-written, loosely autobiographical film Trainwreck as a “hard-R comedy.” Despite this, Amy never once came across as faking her down-to-earth demeanor. Her personality was both inviting and effortless, just like her comedy.

Amy’s film Trainwreck hits theaters July 17th!

Listen below to hear what Amy had to say about legal marijuana in Colorado, the challenges she’s faced as a female performer, and what inspires her to create comedic skits such as Milk Milk Lemonade.

Interview and article by Aaron Elijah Rogers

Hip-Hop’s Rise In Denver

What goes together better than hip hop and weed smoke? Nothing. Now add that life answer to Denver on 4/20 and you are in for a long, hazy day of incredible experiences. That’s exactly what it was like in Denver on the notoriously infamous April 20th.

There were many festivities taking place throughout Denver over the course of the weekend including the High Times Cannabis Cup and Snoop Dogg’s Wellness Retreat with A$AP Rocky and 2 Chainz. But the pinnacle celebration was a festival hosted by Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, dubbed 4/20 In The Streets.


The highlight of the festival though took place a little after midnight with none other than the teenage phenom, Joey Badda$$The Reminders, a local hip-hop/soul group from Denver started off the show with their melodic hip hop that got everyone feeling refreshed. Personally, I found them to be the perfect “home-grown” opener for Joey Bada$$.

After such a long day, fatigue was on everybody’s faces, but once Joey came on stage all of that fatigue quickly morphed into excitement. His set was an energy-packed performance from start to finish. So much energy, that there were even a few mosh pits during his more upbeat, heavier songs. Overall, 4/20 in Denver was a huge success. The festivities were proof that Denver is a rising hub for hip hop and culture.

Written by Kevin Cosette

The Holiness of The Devil Makes Three


When you hear the mention of the Devil, good music normally wouldn’t come to mind, but The Devil Makes Three is quickly changing that standard. The Santa Cruz based trio, consisting of Lucia Turino, Pete Bernhard, and Cooper McBean, have the unique ability to create soundscapes adorned with melodies that allow listeners to relive nostalgic memories. Which is partly why the Folk/Blues/Country group has attracted such a loyal following. They have blessed the stage at places such as Red Rocks Amphitheater and are poised to gain more notoriety once they play at the massive festival Outside Lands this August in San Fransisco. Watch one of my favorites by them – “Stranger” – below!

Written by Kelly Walion

ILoveMakkonen to Play The Fox on May 12th

ILoveMakkonen will literally have the club going up on a Tuesday. The club being The Fox Theatre, on May 12th. Makkonen transitioned last year from an underground, obscure Hip-Hop artist to a global name. He owes his success and Grammy Nomination to the catchy jam “Tuesday”, which caught fire when Drake hopped on as a feature. Some are writing him off as a one hit wonder while others are anticipating continued success, but either way his “Loudest of the Loud” tour is sure to be great with Key! and Sonny Digital by his side. Grab your tickets HERE.
Written by Matt MacFarlane