Amy Schumer Talks With Program Council

I’m walking into the extravagant doors of the St. Julien hotel to meet the same women who just had 150 eager fans wait in an hour long line just to say a quick hello. As I open the door of her hotel room I’m immediately greeted by a glimmering smile from the recent full blown A-lister, Amy Schumer. “Hi, I’m Amy” she magnanimously proclaims, “Aaron Rogers, huh? That name must suck.” she continues with a smirk.

Amy&Me“I’m going to sit so you look awkward.”

 Amy is an unapologetically raunchy performer on the big-screen and on stage, but in person her calm, composed demeanor was an unexpected surprise. At times I even forgot I was speaking with the same woman who declares while shaking her butt in the hilarious skit Milk Milk Lemonade, “this is where my poop comes out!” After asking what she does to unwind and escape from her hectic life, she replied by saying that she meditates twice a day and likes to go for a walk or hike whenever she has a chance. A starkly different response from what I expected from the writer/comedian/actress who described her self-written, loosely autobiographical film Trainwreck as a “hard-R comedy.” Despite this, Amy never once came across as faking her down-to-earth demeanor. Her personality was both inviting and effortless, just like her comedy.

Amy’s film Trainwreck hits theaters July 17th!

Listen below to hear what Amy had to say about legal marijuana in Colorado, the challenges she’s faced as a female performer, and what inspires her to create comedic skits such as Milk Milk Lemonade.

Interview and article by Aaron Elijah Rogers