Denver Duo Sunboy Has A Hit On Their Hands

avatars-000096964033-jxmhfp-t500x500 (1) Sunboy has been played avidly around the Program Council office over the last year or so. The Denver based duo even placed in CU’s last Battle of the Bands. But to be entirely honest, I was never fully convinced of their potential… until now. “Burnout” is an indie-electronic jam with every element of a song that’s poised to climb the hipster Hype Machine charts. Everything from the lo-fi, grainy vocals brought to you by Jordan Lempe, to the songs quirky guitar melody balanced out by funky drums and synth riffs. Here’s what Sunboy themselves had to say about “Burnout.”

“‘Burnout’ is a groove in gentle waves, punctuated by a song that whispers emotions as soft percussions and gently blazing guitars from a psychedelic breath”‘

By Aaron Elijah Rogers