Hip-Hop’s Rise In Denver

What goes together better than hip hop and weed smoke? Nothing. Now add that life answer to Denver on 4/20 and you are in for a long, hazy day of incredible experiences. That’s exactly what it was like in Denver on the notoriously infamous April 20th.

There were many festivities taking place throughout Denver over the course of the weekend including the High Times Cannabis Cup and Snoop Dogg’s Wellness Retreat with A$AP Rocky and 2 Chainz. But the pinnacle celebration was a festival hosted by Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, dubbed 4/20 In The Streets.


The highlight of the festival though took place a little after midnight with none other than the teenage phenom, Joey Badda$$The Reminders, a local hip-hop/soul group from Denver started off the show with their melodic hip hop that got everyone feeling refreshed. Personally, I found them to be the perfect “home-grown” opener for Joey Bada$$.

After such a long day, fatigue was on everybody’s faces, but once Joey came on stage all of that fatigue quickly morphed into excitement. His set was an energy-packed performance from start to finish. So much energy, that there were even a few mosh pits during his more upbeat, heavier songs. Overall, 4/20 in Denver was a huge success. The festivities were proof that Denver is a rising hub for hip hop and culture.

Written by Kevin Cosette

ILoveMakkonen to Play The Fox on May 12th

ILoveMakkonen will literally have the club going up on a Tuesday. The club being The Fox Theatre, on May 12th. Makkonen transitioned last year from an underground, obscure Hip-Hop artist to a global name. He owes his success and Grammy Nomination to the catchy jam “Tuesday”, which caught fire when Drake hopped on as a feature. Some are writing him off as a one hit wonder while others are anticipating continued success, but either way his “Loudest of the Loud” tour is sure to be great with Key! and Sonny Digital by his side. Grab your tickets HERE.
Written by Matt MacFarlane

Action Bronson’s “Mr. Wonderful” album Review

Action Bronson’s third and latest album is the sort of lyrical gold you would expect from the 31 year old Queens spitter, with some modifications to his overall feel. Mr.Wonderful, Bronson’s major label debut seems to attempt to keep to his roots of playful, over the top storytelling. The album is interrupted in the middle by an interlude—“THUG LOVE STORY 2017 THE MUSICAL”–consisting of another man telling Bronson a story of a lost love and in the following tracks Bronson continues the story, epitomizing his love for the art of storytelling through rap.


The part-time chef, full-time rapper is accompanied by several artists on the album, including Chance the Rapper and his longtime partner Party Supplies. “Baby Blue”, the track blessed by a quick verse from Chance is my personal favorite, and serves as the end to the love story saga. Overall it seems as though Action Bronson remains true to his style, while heading in a more serious and experimental direction, perhaps influenced by his new big name supporting labels, Atlantic and Vice Records. Take a listen for yourself below, and make sure to check him out when he comes through Summit Music Hall this May.

Written by Nyall Cook

Young Florida Rappers Sell-Out Pop Up Show in Denver

Yung Simmie and Pouya may not be names you are currently familiar with but they threw one of the most hype shows I’ve ever attended in Denver. These 20-year-old rappers are taking the nation by storm one city at a time. The duo has been on tour for the entire month going through Texas, Kansas, Minnesota, Arizona, and California. Yung Simmie has been gaining a bigger and bigger following since the release of his mixtape Yung Smokey last month. While Pouya — with only 2 projects out now and a mixtape on the way — continues to grow due to his gravitating social media and stage presence. It’s not uncommon to find yourself in the mist of a mosh pit at one of their shows.


Denver wasn’t an original tour date, but with a few days in between shows, Yung Simmie and Pouya sporadically decided to take advantage of their passing through. The show was only promoted via Twitter and Instagram for 3 days. Clearly, having large followings on social media was key in drawing a sold out crowd to Denver on a snowy Monday night. Having attended the show myself, it was well worth the icy journey to Denver.

Be on the look out for upcoming releases from these South Florida hooligans as they continue to prove digital tools can create a tangible following.

Written by Kevin Cosette

Azealia Banks Is Broke With Expensive Tastes

Azealia Banks is the young rapper behind the music you’ve heard but probably haven’t been able to put a face to. Twenty-three year old Banks was born and raised in Harlem, New York. Growing up music was always an important part of Banks’ life. After making a name for herself in and around New York City, Banks gained mainstream exposure with her song 212 after it was featured on radio and in films. Her raw, edgy style maintains a certain amount of catchiness that commands the listeners attention. Banks’ latest album Broke with Expensive Taste debuted in January to much success. The ridiculously outspoken Azealia Banks is proving to be a force to be reckoned with and she isn’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon.


Listen to one of my favorites — Ice Princess — below!

Written by Kelly Wallion

Chanel West Coast Isn’t Just A Pretty Face


When you think of Chanel West Coast you probably think of her as Rob Dyrdek’s pretty blonde assistant, when in reality she’s more than meets the eye. West Coast will be the supporting act for Riff Raff’s JODYHiGHROLLER.COM TOUR set to come through Boulder February 17th at the Fox theatre. In 2014, West Coast confirmed that she had begun recording her debut studio album set to be released in 2015, and if her latest song, Looking Forward is anything like the impending project I can’t wait.

Make sure to grab your tickets to see the oddball show at The Fox Theater, I’ll see you there!

Written by Tim Carolan

Pro Era infiltrates the Whitehouse

It seems as though the Program Council crew aren’t the only ones excited for the debut album from 19 year old Joey Bada$$, B4da$$, that dropped a few days ago. A photo has been circling the web recently of Malia Obama (yes the President’s daughter) rocking a T-shirt emblazon with the logo of Joey Bada$$’ label, Pro Era. Pro Era has released a statement via Gawker, and Joey has released one via twitter both essentially trying to clear their name of any wrong doing, as the photo was leaked by an unknown source and a Whitehouse investigation is underway. But they are definitely still capitalizing on this seemingly presidential endorsement by retweeting the picture with a direct link to the P.E. merch store. With the recent release of Joey’s debut album could this have been a conspiracy perhaps, or does Malia just have good taste in music? Probably the latter… check out the latest video single, Teach Mehere, produced by Pro era associate Chuck Strangers. And make sure to cop the album on iTunes!

Written by Nyall Cook